Pravo i porezi

Novi Zakon o koncesijama
After seventeen years the new Act on Concessions comes into effect as at 1 January 2009. This new Act will introduce some new and contemporary solutions into the Croatian legislation, which are aimed at better concession procedures. As a result, the participants in the concession should be better protected. The article stresses the fact that concessions can be determined as permits in which the official authorities give permission to a private physical or legal person to manage and explore some public property under the conditions stated in the concession.
pip - 12.2008, str. 3
Korupcija nije samo pitanje novca (implikacije konkretnog primjera)
service for one’s own benefit. In political sciences the corruption
means deterioration of ethical values of the society, a pathological
issue, a systematic aberation in which the interests of the leading
political class are considered more important than the interests of
the political community. There is a large number of definitions of
corruption, such as the one which says that corruption is each type
of misues of authority for one’s own benefit or a group of benefits
including public and private sectors. Although, corruption is principally
only one of the details of broader legal and political topics it
is actually a rather essential topic in contemporary societies.
The recent anti-corruption action Indeks in Croatia serves as a
comparison of some of its implications to the general doctrines on
corruption ideas.
pip - 12.2008, str. 13
Novine u Zakonu o javnoj nabavi
The Act on Amendments of Act on Public Purchase comes into
effect on 1 January 2009. Accordingly, the system of public purchase
in the Republic of Croatia represents an important step in
view of norms and quality towards the legislation of the European
Union. All the changes in legislation in the field of public purchase
have the common objective – simplification of the procedures of
public purchase, more rational state operations, reduced costs including
the application of the basic public purchase principle. The
accepted amendments in the field of public purchase are aimed at
better trust of the public in the state operations and prevention of
corruption in the public purchase system.
pip - 12.2008, str. 16
Ograničavanje uporabe duhanskih proizvoda prema novom Zakonu
products came into effect and thus replaced the old Act which was
effective from the year of 1999. The new Act on restricted use of
tobacco products provides in a more restrictive and complete manner
the measures to reduce and limit the use of tobacco products
especially referring to the highest determined quality of poisonous
contents in a cigarette, marking each cigarette pack with warning
signs on dangerous effects of smoking on human health, forbidden
advertising, promotion and sales of tobacco products and smoking
in a public closed area.
pip - 12.2008, str. 27