Računovodstvo, revizija i financije

Računovodstvo, revizija i financije


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rrif - 2.2009, str. 13

Specifics of Annual Account in Trade Services for 2008

rrif - 2.2009, str. 15
Specifics of Annual Account in Trade Services for 2008

Annual Financial Reports of Transportation Activities

rrif - 2.2009, str. 23
The business events of the companies engaged in transportation activities have specific characteristics. Transportation activities may be different in view of transport of persons or cargo. The article deals with some business events which are common in such activities and the specifics of final recording upon drawing up of financial reports. The article also contains the examples of drawing up of tax reports and tax returns.

Annual Account in Production Activities

rrif - 2.2009, str. 36
 Production activities comprise the use of goods in a production process aimed at obtaining a useful product which customers are interested in. The accounting system of monitoring, calculations and other activities ensures a basis for drawing up of annual financial reports and tax reports. The author of the article analyses accounting procedures in production activities referring to the stocks of material, production costs, distribution of costs, over-consumption, work orders, semi-finished products, calculation of prices of final products, etc. Keywords:

Annual Account in Catering and Hotel Industries for 2008

rrif - 2.2009, str. 43
Upon drawing up of annual account in hotel industry, which provides accommodation services, and catering industry, which provides serving of food and drinks, one should consider the specifics of these industries which are determined by the Act on Catering Industry. The article deals with some specific business events of the companies engaged in catering and hotel industries, which affect the business results of these tax payers.

Financial Reporting in Construction Industry

rrif - 2.2009, str. 61
In construction industry there is a difference between construction investors, who are also contractors and contractors in construction business. The particularities referring to construction business comprise asset items of production in progress, income, expenditure, reservations and alike. The article deals with some current issues, calculation procedures without any detaild book-keeping analysis of the above stated industry.

Drawing up of Annual Financial Reports in Service Trade

rrif - 2.2009, str. 69
The enterprises engaged in service trade sell their services and implement spare or maintenance parts. Accordingly, the enterprises engaged in service trade also deal with sales (sales of spare parts, durable or disposable products used for maintenance, replacement, processing, or reproduction aimed at reselling, etc).The authors of the article present an accounting of business events, calculation elements, warehousing, cash transactions and application of tax regulations.

Annual Account in Agriculture in 2008

rrif - 2.2009, str. 81
Agricultural production differs from other productions in terms of technology and accounting procedures, which ensure the best way of presenting assets, liabilities, equity and business results.The author of the article analyses the specific accounting procedures of agricultural production. Due to the fact that agriculture comprises some biological activities, which is different compared to some other types of production, a special attention should be paid to determination and calculation of production costs upon drawing up of annual account.

Annual Account in Municipal Service Companies and Other Companies Receiving State Subsidies

rrif - 2.2009, str. 90
 A state subsidy is a subsidy paid by the body of the local government, municipality, town, state agency, ministry or the Government of the Republic of Croatia from the State Budget, or the local government from its budget on the company's account in accordance with the acts or decisions made by the representatives of the above stated bodies. There are two types of subsidies – those referring to investment activities and those referring to a particular service or delivery. Accordingly, the accounting and taxation procedures are different. The author of the article presents the accounting procedures upon drawing up of annual financial reports of the companies receiving state subsidies. The subsidies are aimed at employment, purchase of long term tangible, biological and intangible assets or delivery of public importance, etc. A state subsidy is not always exempted from taxation, which means that there are some cases when a certain tax is to be calculated and paid. 

Specifics in Accounting Records and Annual Reports of Leasing

rrif - 2.2009, str. 99
Company Leasing is a legal business in which a leasing company, according to the contract on sales signed with the lease provider, obtains the ownership right to the lease object and grants the use of such a lease object to the leasee.The specifics in accounting records refer to the liability of the application of the determined chart of accounts for leasing companies. Leasing companies apply the International Financial Reporting Standards since they are regarded as larger enterprises.The author of the article describes accounting procedures referring to drawing up of annual financial reports and tax reports.

Accounting and Financial Relations among Subsidies

rrif - 2.2009, str. 105
Subsidies represent two or more enterprises from which one subsidy has a possibility to control and make a substantial influence on the other subsidy or subsidies in making financial and business decisions.The author of the article analyses the notion of subsidies according to the provisions of the Companies' Act and tax regulations, including the accounting of business events among subsidies according to the requirements of the accounting standards taking into account the taxation of particular transactions.

Cash Flow Report

rrif - 2.2009, str. 112
A cash flow report represents one of the basic financial reports, which together with other financial reports is used in order to provide information on evaluation of the changed net assets of an enterprise, its financial structure (including liquidity and solvency). The cash flow information help to external and internal readers of financial reports in their estimating an enterprise ability of generating money and to determine cash outflows which are necessary for regular operations of an enterprise.The article presents the procedures of drawing up cash flow reports.

In Small and Middle Sized Companies Goodwill is Still Depriciated and Is not Recognised as Tax Relief

rrif - 2.2009, str. 119
In Small and Middle Sized Companies Goodwill is Still Depriciated and Is not Recognised as Tax Relief

Receipt of Gift and Cash Depositing

rrif - 2.2009, str. 121
  1. Workshop of Non-Profit Accounting 
  2. The author of the article presents the accounting procedures referring to the business events of receipt of gift and depositing of disposable cash. In view of gifts they usually represent long term tangible assets. The event of cash deposit usually emerges if a non-profit organization has a cash surplus in relation to its ability to settle all the due liabilities.

Right to (Un)taxable Severance Payment

rrif - 2.2009, str. 122
In practice there are two cases when an employee can exercise the right to severance payment: retirement and cancellation of the contract on employment. The right to severance payment is determined by collective agreements, a contract on employment, employer's by-laws and Labour Act, whereas its taxability is determined by tax regulations.The author of the article writes about the cases when an employee has the right to severance payment and when it is (un)taxable.

Audit of Long Term Tangible and Intangible Assets

rrif - 2.2009, str. 130
Audit of Long Term Tangible and Intangible Assets

IFRS for Private Enterprises

rrif - 2.2009, str. 136

Help Measures for Enterprises in Crisis

rrif - 2.2009, str. 138
Mid December last year the European Commission passed certain measures to diminish the consequences of the current economic and financial crisis, which affected the business operations of enterprises in the European Union. Some of the measures refer to state subsidies. The changed regulations on state subsidies in the EU member countries allow help measures up to 500,000 euros per enterprise in the next two years, in order to help them to recover in the conditions of more difficult loan grants.The article deals with the decisions and recommendations of the European Commission referring to help measures to enterprises, some directives to employees' councils, transportation along navigable waterways, directives on safety of children toys and alike.

Certified Dispatcher

rrif - 2.2009, str. 141
 The simplified customs procedures in exports comprise the status of a certified dispatcher, which means that the export of goods is carried out from one's own premises without the use of means of transportation and transportation of goods into a customs office in order to make payments of export duties. This article deals with the status of a certified dispatcher fo goods in a customs system i.e. the conditions which have to be fulfilled by the exporter in order to obtain such a status and the way of carrying out a simplified procedure.

Final VAT Calculation for 2008 – Drawing up of PDV-K Form

rrif - 2.2009, str. 148
 The final calculation of value added tax represents a control of the correctly calculated VAT on sales of goods and services in the previous tax year, which provides the possibility of possible adjustments. Therefore, the liability of drawing up the final VAT calculation does not imply only the creation of annual reports but a number of accounting activities by an enterprise. Such a report is to be submitted to the competent office of the Tax Administration, depending on the headquarters of a tax payer until 30 April 2009 at the latest for legal persons. The physical persons, who are VAT payers, have to submit their VAT report to the competent office of the Tax Administration, depending on their residence, until the end of February 2009.

Delayed Payments and Instalment Payment of Tax Debt

rrif - 2.2009, str. 166
 The term tax debt, for which there is the possibility of delayed payment or payment in instalments, implies the debt for taxes and other public contributions recorded and collected by the Tax Administration. Accordingly, a delayed payment can be granted for the liabilities for obligatory contributions (old age pension fund, health insurance, employment), duties, tax penalties, concession fees, actually all the contributions which are determined and/or collected by the Tax Administration.

Income Tax – New Forms ID, IDD and IDD-1

rrif - 2.2009, str. 171
A new Rulebook on Amendments of the Rulebook on Income Tax came into effect on 3 January, 2009. The new issues refer to the changed forms ID, IDD and IDD-1 which are to be filled in by enterprises. The author of the article describes the changes of the new Rulebook and gives instructions referring to filling in the forms regarding income tax, sur-tax and contributions for obligatory insurances.

Income Tax Report of Citizens for 2008

rrif - 2.2009, str. 175
The citizens and physucal persons, engaged in crafts trade, free professions, agriculture and forestry, should submit their tax report for the year of 2008 to the competent office of Tax Administration until 28 February 2009 at the latest. Exceptionally, the citizens who made in 2008 the receipts in the country in the form of a salary for the permanent job at one employer, the retired persons who have just received their pension as well as the citizens who received  author's fees, fees according to temporary work contracts and other receipts which are regarded as the second income and the lease income, for which they paid taxes according to the decision made by the Tax Administration in 2008 as well as the property rights on which a tax was paid upon payment of receipts and the income from insurance, are not obliged to submit a tax report. However, it should be taken into account that an income tax represnts a personal liability of each citizen. There are the cases when the above stated receipts should be submitted or do not have to be submitted but can lead to some tax releifs.

Contribution to Chamber of Crafts and Trades – Payment Liability in 2009

rrif - 2.2009, str. 199
 The contribution to chambers of crafts trade is paid by craftsmen – physical persons engaged in registered activities in accordance with the provisions of the Trades and Crafts Act, sole traders as well as enterprises and other legal persons who have voluntarily become members  of the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and Trades.In 2009 craftsmen and other tax payers have to pay the contribution to chambers of crafts trade according to two bases: the lump sum and the percentage of the income or profit, respectively. In 2009 the Croatian Chamber of Crafts and Trades passed the new „Excerpt“ on payment of contributions in a lump sum.The author of the article presents the new issues referring to the payment of contributions to chambers of crafts and trade in 2009.

Right to Child Support

rrif - 2.2009, str. 202
The right and amount of a child support depends on the total income of all houshold members who are beneficiaries of a child support and the number of children.The funds for child support are obtained from the state budget. Child support is paid monthly, in a current month for the previous month.Child support is a cash support used by a parent or support beneficiary for supporting and raising children.

Novi Zakon o radu

rrif - 2.2009, str. 208
Daljnja potreba za usklađenjem sa smjernicama Europske unije dovela je do donošenja novog Zakona o radu. Konačan prijedlog toga Zakona upućen je Hrvatskom saboru radi usvajanja.U nastavku teksta upoznajmo naše čitatelje s nekim od novih rješenja koja će biti osobito bitna za praksu.
  1. UVOD

Regular and Irregular Dismissals

rrif - 2.2009, str. 212
Regular and Irregular Dismissals- Labour Disputes in Court Practice

Activation of Granted Guarantee and Given Donations

rrif - 2.2009, str. 214
Workshop of Budgetary Accounting - The author of the article presents the accounting procedures referring to the business events of granted guarantees and given donations. Within the scope of their activities budget beneficiaries can grant guarantees to enterprises and other organizations to settle their liabilities. Budget beneficiaries can also give donations.

Instruments of Incentive Policy in EU

rrif - 2.2009, str. 216
(Review of the Book: H. Rieger-A. Platzer: Handbuch EU – KONFORM DER FÖRDERUNGEN, 6th Ed., Redline Wirtschaft, 2008, Munich)    One of the crucial simplifications within the framework of the reform of the European policy of the structural funds is the reduction to the three goals: Convergence, Regional Competitiveness and Employment as well as the European Territorial Co-operation. The new period from 2007 to 2013 comprises the joint initiatives (INTERREG, URBAN) and innovative measures. The city issues and innovative measures have been integrated into the goal programmes. The INTERREG Programme has gained the status of an independent programme and thus become more important.
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